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Firmware 16.2 (24040416) are available for download here for all VIPColor VP500/600/700 series color label printers.

Available in

North America | Europe | Asia

For more information on Wasatch SoftRIP, please visit www.wasatch.com

Wasatch SoftRIP

Wasatch SoftRIP for VP700 Colour Label Printer is a simple to use but yet comprehensive color management software that gets label converters & print houses unparalleled control over the color quality of prints.

Wasatch SoftRIP Label Edition for VP700 Colour Label Printer is ideal for digital label printing. With support for high-speed, on-demand label production, the simple, easy-to-use interface means that new users can be up and running in minutes.


RIP color management toolbox
Optimize color profile for the best PQ
Apply custom ICC profile
Reproduce color with smooth gradient
Match color accurately
Replace color
Reduce ink without PQ loss

Color correction tools
Lightness and Hue

Supports up to 4 printers

Six months technical support & software updates

Simultaneous RIP processes
Standard Edition: 4
Premium Edition: 8

Variable Data Printing (VDP)
Only for Premium Edition

Superior Color Management

Wasatch’s celebrated color management tools are conveniently located within Label Edition. Achieve superior color reproduction with smooth gradients, natural skin tones, and ultra-sharp text. Use Wasatch’s Spot Color Replacement and managed Color Databases to accurately match colors within your image. Plus, imaging configurations are free to download so anyone can produce impressive out-of-the-box color.

Simple Design

Label Edition is intuitive and interactive user interface takes any complication out of printing labels. Users can easily adjust their image and print layout without leaving the main screen of SoftRIP. And all color settings are saved so a user can simply drag and drop an image into the layout screen and print.

Rotary Marks

Rotary cut marks can be essential when producing labels. SoftRIP offers support for an array of rotary cutting equipment with a Rotary Cut Marks option that allows users to specify the shape of the marks and preferences for where the marks should be placed.

Variable Data Printing

The Variable Data Printing Option* (VDP) allows users to customize variable data fields with fonts, images, barcodes, QR codes, and Data Matrix codes with a variety of sizing, color, and effect options. And users can quickly create repeating or sequential values with SoftRIP’s Auto-Data feature or import data from a comma-delimited file.

The VDP Option offers tools for barcode reduction to offset the effect of dot gain and maximize the quality of printed barcodes. Plus support for batch processing and parallel processing for the high-speed production of thousands of variable jobs.


This software provides a suite of powerful tools that help

  1. Simplify the color workflow
  2. Deliver the best print quality (PQ) for different inkjet coated label stock available in the market.
  3. Match and replace colors
  4. Save cost – reduce ink usage without loss of PQ.

Wasatch SoftRIP for VP700 is exclusively distributed by VIPColor authorized resellers and are available in 2 editions:

a. Wasatch SoftRIP Label Edition for VP700 Colour Label Printers.

b. Wastach SoftRIP for VP700 Colour Label Printers.


This feature comparison table illustrates the primary differences between SoftRIP Label Edition and SoftRIP, our full-featured RIP software. This chart was created on February 15, 2017, and is subject to change at any time.