Pharmaceutical Labels and Healthcare products

More informative and responsible labeling on pharmaceutical labels, Heathcare and Food Suplements, thanks to VIPColor printers.

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Consumption rates for pharmaceuticals, healthcare and food supplements are on the rise globally. This has also fueled the potential for misuse, unintended overdosing, counterfeiting and other illegal activities that could potentially be life-threatening on labels.

For better consumer protection, the Food Safety Authorities (FSA) in many countries are imposing more stringent measures, which includes more informative and responsible labeling on product labels.

Digital printing can help you keep pace with this progressing initiative.

Up-to-date Pharmaceutical labels

    • Respond quickly with up to date packaging content that comply with local FSA labeling guidelines. Reducing risks of negligence on labels.
    • Remove the need to manage obsolete pre-printed labels resulting from any new regulatory change. Reducing waste.
    • Eliminate costly product recall resulting from incorrect pre-printed pharmaceutical labels.

Improve the presentation of your labels

    • Print sharper texts and graphical elements to enhance instructional clarity the labels.
    • Incorporate printable security feature – Unique Anti-Counterfeit coded information (e.g. CFDA eCode1) on each label.


The use of small fonts, Asian or Arabic characters is not a problem anymore, thanks to the high print quality of VIPColor printers. The high speed printing meets the requirements of modern lean production, and “just-in-time” manufacturing needs.

The low power consumption  of our colour label printers helps on the sustainability & energy efficiency, compared to other printing technologies. We are using water-based inks, that are environmental friendly compared to other printing technologies in the market.

VIPColor can help you develop a printing solution that is cost effective and efficient. Please contact us to find out how you can save cost and improve your productivity at the same time.

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