Brilliant Color Labels that Render You Speechless

With resolution of 1,600 x 1,600 dpi, this printer delivers glorious labels with crisp text in its most elegant form. 

This helps pop up your brand image.

Don't just take our words for it, judge it for yourself.

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Amazingly Fast

This printer is designed for fast label printing.

At 12 inches/sec (or 305 mm/sec), you get 1,800 6×4″ labels in under 10 minutes!

At least 2x faster than most mid-range thermal printers.

Up to 4x faster than other desktop color label printers.

Print labels with variable information (e.g. QR code, date code, and batch number) in a single step.  No more waiting for days or even weeks for pre-printed product labels.

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Food Safe

VIPColor label printers use non-toxic aqueous dye inks that is safe for indirect contact food labels.

Food Safe Infographic

Water Resistant Labels

Our color labels are more water resistant compared to those printed with other dye inks.

Labels retain its brilliance & vividness when exposed to moisture and even some solvents like alcohol.

Lasts at least 4 hours submerged in water.

It is suitable for craft beer labels, wine labels, water bottle labels and frozen food labels.

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Technical Specifications

Max Print Speed
6 inches per second (152 mm/s) - Best print quality
12 inches per second (305 mm/s) - Standard print quality

Print Resolution
1,600 x 1,600 dpi
1,600 x 800 dpi

Glossy, Matt paper and synthetics
Gap, continuous, black mark, fan-fold
2 - 8.5" printable width
0.3 mm max. thickness

5 Individual 250ml CYMKK ink tanks
Patented print and hold mechanism (unique in the market)
External 8" OD 3" core un-winder
Replaceable printhead
Integrated cutter

5 M" or 1 year, whichever earlier

Supported Any MS Windows compatible applications like Adobe illustrator, Bartender, Nicelabel and Coreldraw.

Key benefits

Where to use VP660 desktop color label printer?

VP660 is suitable for many label applications and productions where

VP660 can print 1D and 2D barcode with at least Grade B standard at 10 mils bar width and 10 mils cell size respectively, surpassing the highest resolution thermal printers.

Whether you require 1 or 10,000 labels/day, the VP660 allows you to produce brilliant color labels with rich graphics, crisp text and barcodes that are suitable for Chilled Food & Beverages, Wineries, Animal Care, Chemicals, Cleaning products and most moisture exposed products

In summary, the VP660 is the best color label printer for businesses that are looking at cost effective scaling.

Suitable Applications

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